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Little Red Riding Hood

written by Perrault and with photographs by Sarah Moon

Hardcover book

Fans of artistic photo books for kids will find this an intriguing contemporary treatment of the Red Riding Hood classic. Here a little country girl faces urban and rural threats on her way to grandmother's house, only to find her grandmother has been replaced by an evil wolf. The sad ending for Riding Hood is dramatic and revealing, providing a realistic twist on the fairy tale.
New. Offered at $25.00

Beauty & the Beast

written by Madame D'Aulnoy & illustrated by Etienne Delessert
Hardcover book

If you are a fan of unusual artwork full of surreal and whimisical florishes, then this may very well be the book for you. The art is beautiful and full of inventive whimsy, but it is not traditional.

New. Offered at $25.00


Hansel & Grettel

written by Grimm & illustrated by Monique Felix

Hardcover book

Hansel and Gretel is a terrifying fairy tale, and this book doesn't cover up the universal nightmare: that a parent would deliberately abandon a child. These beautiful illustrations capture the fear of the two children. Words and pictures show that Hansel is the protective older sibling at first, but when the witch locks him up, it's Gretel's courage (as well as Hansel's cunning) that saves them. This is not a book for the very young, but it will lead to some great discussions among older kids studying heroes and monsters.
New. Offered at $25.00|

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