amusing art

  Kathryn Ramseur


Hand-signed & numbered edition of 925..
Kathryn used colored pencils and ink to create this wonderful group of animals sending us all a message

Print size: 12" x 25"; image size: 8" x 16"

Dear Alice

Hand-signed & numbered edition of 850.
The cow is over the moon - over the moon, but she's received the feminine version of a Dear John letter. Poor Alice.

Print size: 12" x 25"


Hand-signed and numbered limited edition of 880

The mighty steed springs toward the gods to carry their thunderbolts!
OOOPS - wrong steed - this benign character created by the artist is Pigasus - not Pegasus.

Paper size: 18" x 15"; image size: 14" x 10.5"

Necks of Kin

Hand-signed & numbered limited edition.
Recognize any of your "kin" jogging down the beach?

Print size: 25" x 16"