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Why not send someone a note today!
a Dozen 4.5" x 6" Note Cards with envelopes, $7.50
e pluribus unum note card
E Pluribus Unum. . . from many comes one!
A fine way to send the message of our country.
dream note card
The Dream. . . We all have a place beneath the stars
That's the inspiration you'll send with this card. Within the stripes on our flag, you'll find scenes of the United States then and now.
Flag Combo pack: 6 E Pluribus Unum and 6 Dream cards , $7.50

summer tale card
We've always loved Gary Kelley's art print Summer Tale. What a peaceful way to spend an afternoon . . . perched in an apple tree with a good book!
Drop someone a note this afternoon on this lovely card.

It is a Mooooving Story, isn't it!
Put down that book for a moment and send a friend a note.
good book card
A Good Book is the Best of Friends
That's the message you'll be sending when you write a note on this card.
Reading Combo pack: 4 Summer Tale, 4 Moooving Story and 4 Good Book cards, $7.50

alphablitz note card
These alphabets are so much fun - sports figures positioning their bodies to form letters. Watch the kid you send this card to try to imitate the letter!
The Alphablitz card (shown here) features football players.
Alphakick shows off soccer sports figures.
Alphanet has an alphabet of basketball figures.

Alphasports Combo pack: 4 Alphabiltz, 4 Alphakick and 4 Alphanet cards, $7.50

animal cruise note card
Animal Cruise

Take a boat ride with this group of silly animals, looking a bit sea sick after too long a ride!
goodnight note card
Animal lovers love the peacefulness in this beach scene by Kathryn Ramseur. Her art print is available by clicking Goodnight.
But now you can send someone this art on one of these blank note cards.
feeding friends note card
Feeding Friends
A good card for your favorite cat lover - or for someone who just treated you to dinner!
Animals Combo pack: 4 Animal Cruise, 4 Goodnight and 4 Feeding Friends cards, $7.50

live it note card
Get to the top: Live It! Love It! Learn It!
That's the inspiration you'll send with this card.
creative genius note card
He's asleep now, but this Creative Genius has his head (and his hat) full of quite marvelous thoughts.
Send someone a thought today on this card.
making music
Making Music. . . notes that soar!
Write a note that flies to someone on this charming card.
Genius Combo pack: 4 Live It!, 4 Creative Genius, and 4 Making Music cards, $7.50

study break note card
Everyone can use a Study Break.
Send your favorite student a note.
cat reflection note card
Cat Reflection
Another one for a cat lover - or a book lover - or a combination of both.
Study Combo pack: 6 Study Break and 6 Cat Reflection cards,$7.50

farm woodcut
I had a Farm and the farm pleased me.
Send this beautiful woodcut to someone who needs a rest!
cow note
I had a Cow and the cow pleased me.
Send this beautiful woodcut to someone who loves cows (or milk. . . or art!)
Farm Combo pack: 6 Farm Nap and 6 Cow cards,$7.50