art of John Nieto & Marianne Millar


Mon Shon

Marianne Millar

mon shon

This is simply beautiful. . .the world opening before a young girl. "Mon Shon" means "Mother Earth" Mon Shon is the Osage phrase for Mother Earth; the blanket this young Native American girl is wearing is an Osage friendship blanket.

Print size: 22" x 28.5". Price: $24.00

The Sentinel

John Nieto

An excerpt in "Southwest Art Magazine" says "Color in Nieto's painting is the first thing the viewer notices. Nieto is an expert colorist whose style is distinguished by vivid colors- bright pinks, pulsing purples, neon blues and stark whites- which convey a sense of urgency, of strength. Unequivocally, they arrest our attention demanding that we, "Watch because there is something powerful going on here!" Nieto states, "I am not afraid of color, of combining color, and using strong shades. In a way, it is like wrestling with the color to see if my medicine is strong enough to make it say what I want it to say."

Print size: 23.5" x 31.5". Price: $20.00