art of grant wood

Grant Wood (1892-1942), an American artist, was a member of the American Regionalist School, a group of artists who painted scenes of the American Midwest.
Wood began his career at the Handicraft Guild of Minneapolis where he studied wood and metal works. In 1928, he went to Munich to supervise a commission for stained glass window works and discovered "Netherlandish" paintings. He abandoned his earlier, impressionistic style of painting and picked up the more detailed manner of Dutch masters.
Wood's artwork was brought to national attention in 1930 when his painting, American Gothic, won a bronze medal at the Art Institute of Chicago. American Gothic aroused controversy among the art community who were upset with Wood's caricatures of "plain, country folk."
During the 1930s, Wood supervised many Iowa projects for the Federal Arts Project. He remained in Iowa for the remainder of his life, teaching fine arts at the University of Iowa.

American Gothic

Grant Wood

Paper size: 18" x 24"

Spring in Town

Grant Wood

Paper size: 22.5" x 26"