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sunny penguin
Bee a Sunflower
Mary Smith

Print size: 16" x 20". Price: $9.50

penguin pete

Penguin Pete & Whale

The loveable little penguin leaves his mom to go on a voyage of discovery and makes many new friends along the way.
 "Hello up there, little fellow," boomed a great voice below. . . "What are you doing on my back?". . .

Paper size: 16.5" x 23", our price $7.50

penguin pete

Penguin Pete & Mom

Pete waddled happily back to his mother . . . He fell asleep at once. . .

Paper size: 16.5" x 23", our price $7.50

Penguin Pete's New Friends  book

Pete's new friends include sea lions, seals, sled dogs, a whale, and a little boy.

Level: Ages 3-5
32 pages.Paperback. Full-color illustrations.
was $6.95, now $5.00

Penguin Pete book

Penguin Pete
Pete is the smallest penguin in his colony, and he is eager to grow up quickly so that he can swim in the sea. This story tells about his small adventures, including his efforts to walk gracefully, his friendship with a bird who tries to teach him to fly, and finally his first day swimming. The illustrations are humorous and appealing.

Level: Ages 3-5
Hardcover book, 32 pages. Full-color illustrations.
was $14.95, now, $9.75.

Penguin Pete art prints & books
Marcus Pfister

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