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big cow little cow
Big Cow, Little Cow
by Rachel Deacon

Paper size: 11.75" x 15.75"; image size 9" x 13", $15.00

farm animals
Farm Animals
by Coco Dowley

Paper size: 29 " x 14 ", $15.00

cool cow
A Cool Cow
by Coco Dowley

Paper size: 12 " x 10 ", $10.00

Dear Alice

by Kathryn Ramseur

Hand-signed and numbered limited edition of 850
The cow is over the moon - over the moon, but she's received the feminine version of a Dear John letter. Poor Alice.

Paper size: 12" x 25"

Before Cows

by Kathryn Ramseur

Hand-signed and numbered limited edition

Paper size: 17.5" x 14.5"

Til' Cows come home

til cows come home
I'll love you til' the cows come home.

Print size: 5" x 7". Price: $2.50

mooving story notecard
It is a Mooooving Story, isn't it!
Put down that book for a moment and send a friend a note.

six notecards, $4.75

cow note
I had a Cow and the cow pleased me.
Send this beautiful woodcut to someone who loves cows (or milk. . . or art!)

six notecards, $4.75

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