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  art of Michael Humphries

The American landscape has always facinated me, the solitude of a deserted barn or farmhouse, or the simplicity of an old wooden garden bench with its paint cracked and peeling. So much of nature intrigues me and inspires me to paint. The way light reflects off of an old watering can is just as compelling to me as the grandest of landscapes. Finding new ways of interpreting and presenting these images is my joy. I knew from an early age that art would be my passion in life.
I began my professional art career at Walt Disney Studios, painting backgrounds on such films as Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and The Lion King. I was Art Director on Fantasia 2000 and most recently was the Production Designer for Sony Pictures', Open Season. After 28 years as an artist and art director for film, I'm sharing my personal vision in print, and finding it to be the most rewarding and challenging experience as a visual artist.
Michael Humphries

midwinter's night

Once upon a Winter's NIght

Paper size: 17" x 13"

late for dinner

Late for Dinner

Paper size: 17" x 13"
Now offered at $7.50

easy rider

Easy Rider

Paper size: 13" x 17"

close to heart

Close to My Heart

Paper size: 17" x 13"

old red

Old Red

Paper size: 17" x 13"


Yesterday's Champion

Paper size: 8" x 6"



Paper size: 17" x 13"

hero's garden

Hero's Garden

Paper size: 17" x 13"