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Lisbeth Zwerger

Lisbeth Zwerger has earned nearly every prize given to illustrators, including the Hans Christian Andersen Medal for lifetime achievement. Her extraordinary illustrations for children's books have been described as charming and picturesque. Zwerger has been called one of the finest illustrators of the twentieth century.

Hans Christian Andersen's story of Thumbeline is so endearing: the child "no bigger than a thumb" with adventures both delightful and dangerous.
Here are two illustrations from the book as illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger.


Paper size 20" x 24", $15.00


Thumbeline meets bird

Paper size 18" x 24", $12.50

Here is another example of Lisbeth Zwerger's delicately bewitching art:
Five Children from the fairytale The Selfish Giant
five children

Five Children

Paper size 18" x 24", $19.50

And this illustration is Ladies, from the story The Swineherd.


Paper size 19" x 23.5", $24.50

O'Henry's famous short story
"The Gift of the Magi"
One dollar and eight-seven cents is all the money Della has in the world to buy her beloved husband a Christmas present. She has nothing to sell except her only treasure - her long, glorious brown hair. This warm story of love, sacrifice, and generosity exemplifies the spirit of hope and giving and has earned a place as a timeless piece of American literature. Lisbeth Zwerger won awards for the delicate watercolors throughout the book.
gift of magi

The Gift of the Magi I

Paper size 16.5" x 23.5", $5.00

gift of magi
Steps of New York

Paper size 18" x 24", $15.50

Gift of the Magi book
26-page paperback with full-color illustrations, $6.00.

The Nightingale
to fit in standard 11" x 14" fram
e (frame not included)

hansel and grettel
Hansel & Grettel
Into father's arms

to fit in standard 11" x 14" frame
(frame not included)


hansel and grettel fisherman frog prince puss in boots goldilocks