Storybook art

Trina Schart Hyman

In Trina Schart Hyman's words:
". . . I found out about the great book illustrators of the early 1900s: Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, and the crazy Pre-Raphaelites in England; and Howard Pyle, N. C. Wyeth, and the serious students of the Brandywine School here in America. Their romantic and magical storytelling pictures inspired me and gave me courage.

I was determined to follow in the footsteps of these artists and to carry on their tradition.
. . . in Sweden I learned about the artists Carl Larsson, Jon Bauer, and Sulamith Wulfing, whose work inspired and influenced me.In 1961 I iIllustrated my very first children's book. . . Since then, I have illustrated about 150 books, give or take a few.

I've tried to make each and every book special and beautiful. I've put a lot of myself my beliefs and interests, my friends and family and the places I've been -- into my pictures. All of the connections that I've figured out in my life are there for everyone to see, in all of my books."

Trina Schart Hyman was born in 1939 and died in 2003.
red riding hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Paper size: 17.5" x 22"
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snow white

Snow White

Paper size: 17.5" x22"
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st george and dragon

St George and the Dragon

Paper size: 17.5" x22"
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