storybook art
Lisbeth Zwerger

Hans Christian Andersen's story of Thumbeline is so endearing: the child "no bigger than a thumb" with adventures both delightful and dangerous.
Here are two illustrations from the book as illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger.


Paper size 20" x 24", $15.00


Thumbeline meets bird

Paper size 18" x 24", $12.50

Here is another example of Lisbeth Zwerger's delicately bewitching art:
Five Children from the fairytale The Selfish Giant
five children

Five Children

Paper size 18" x 24", $19.50

And this illustration is Ladies, from the story The Swineherd.


Paper size 19" x 23.5", $24.50


hansel and grettel fisherman frog prince puss in boots goldilocks