art of jaime olaya

Olaya uses a gamma of colors, typical of Latin American scenery that can only be appreciated by returning to his native land, where he molds the women as the center of all beauty. The sensibility of this artist is depicted in the idealized daily themes of life: love, physical and spiritual health, happiness and peace.
Olaya was born in Ebejico, Antioquia, Colombia and studied fine arts at the Instituto de Bellas Artes, in Medellín. He served as professor of arts at Colegio Calazans in Medellín and at the Arts School of Eladio Vélez de Itagüi in Antioquia. He has participated in several important expositions in Colombia, including the Museo de Antioquia, where the largest collection of Maestro Botero is in exhibition, and at the Biblioteca Pública Piloto. He has lived in Seattle since 1990.

from a Critique and Interview by María Nélida Mendoza,
M.A. Literature, Arts and CulturePublished in Persona Magazine, September 20, 2003



La Familia

Paper size: 20" x 28"


La Maternidad

Paper size: 20" x 28"