The Art of Leonardo da Vinci

This study is one of many that Leonardo designed over the years; this is for a French monument he contemplated during the last years of his life in France

Studies for an Equestrian Monument, 1517

Paper size 8.5" x 11" ; image size approx. 6" x 9"
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Masters of Art: Leonardo Da Vinci

Grade level: Grades 5 and up
by Peter Bedrick Books
Page count: 64 Hardcover

"A glorious. . .look at the artist and his world. An excellent value and a superlative series." Children's Book Review

Color art reproductions

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Customer Review: If you can find this out-of-print, oversized hardback, it is worth collecting. The illustrators lovingly present a detailed birds-eye view of Vinci, the Sforza compound, changing designs of palaces, the scaffoldings which supported some of his bronze works, period clothing, Leonardo's proposed design for Milan and its canals, and much more. It's hard to find, but highly recommended.

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