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art of carl larsson

Carl Larsson, 1853–1919, Swedish painter and illustrator. Despite a devastatingly poor and unhappy childhood, Carl Larsson's artistic talent developed during his teen age years. His marriage to another artist was a turning point in his career. Larsson's wife Karin and their eight children were his favorite models. In 1888 the young family was given a small house, named Little Hyttnäs, in Sundborn by Karin's father Adolf Bergöö. Carl and Karin decorated and furnished this house according to their particular artistic taste and also for the needs of the growing family.
Through Larsson's paintings and books this house has become one of the most famous artist homes in the world, transmitting the artistic taste of its creators and making it a major line in Swedish interior design. Larsson's popularity increased considerably with the development of colour reproduction technology in the 1890s, when books written and illustrated by Larsson and containing full colour reproductions of his watercolours were published.


The Kitchen

Paper size: 22.5" x 17.75"

yard by larsson

The Yard

Paper size: 22.5" x 17.75"