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cherubs & angels

Spring Time
spring time by rockwell
Norman Rockwell

Paper size: 18" x 24", $12.50

Country Alphabet
country alphabet
Debby Mumm

Paper size 18" x 14", $8.50.

Lute Player
lute player

Il Rosso

Born Giovan Battista di Jacopo in 1494, Fiorentino gained the nickname Il Rosso for his bright red hair. He was influenced by the Florentine School of painting and was largely responsible for introducing that style to France as part of the School of Fontainebleau. In 1527 the sack of Rome by Charles V forced Il Rosso to flee to France. Il Rosso's greatest work is often considered the powerful altarpiece, The Deposition, done in Volterra in Tuscany.
He is known for the poetic composition of his figures, his bold design, and a charming style.

Paper size: 20" x 16"; image size approximately: 16.5" x 12.5"

Cupid on Clouds

Rosalba Carriera

The Italian painter Rosalba Carriera was born on October 7, 1675, in Venice. At fourteen years old under the tutelage of Giuseppe Diamantini, she began drawing and copying oil paintings. Her first successes were achieved with her miniature likenesses in tempera on ivory. International appreciation of Carriera's work began in Germany when she was invited to the court in Düsseldorf in 1706. Soon the high nobility of Europe were finding their own way to her studio in Venice. Named an honorary member of the academies in Bologna and Paris, her works were inspirations to such portrait artists as La Tour, Perroneau, Liotard, and Meng.
Paper size: 8" x 10", $6.50

Baldassare Franceschini Volterrano

Artist Baldassare Franceschini Volterrano painted frescoes, altarpieces and easel pictures for numerous churches and palaces in Italy during the latter part of the 17th century. His large-scale, crowded fresco compositions reflect an adaptation into a Florentine idiom of the Roman Baroque manner, derived from Pietro da Cortona's frescoes in the Palazzo Pitti, where Volterrano himself also worked, decorating the ceiling of the Sala di Vittoria della Rovere. His painting style also shows the influence of Correggio.

Paper size: 8" x 10", $6.50

Garlande de Fleurs
garland de fleurs
Carlo Maratta

Carlo Maratta (1625-1713) was one of the leading painters of the Roman school in the later 17th century and one of the last great masters of Baroque classicism. His final works offer an early example of “arcadian good taste” (named for the Academy of Arcadians, of which he was a member), a style that was to dominate Roman art for the first half of the 18th century

Paper size: 24" x 17"; image size approximately: 22" x 15"

Study of a Child
study of child
Francois Boucher

Artist Francois Boucher, 1703-1770, enjoyed a brilliant career in art: from professor to Rector of the Academy, becoming head of the Royal Gobelin factory in 1755 and finally "Premier Peintre du Roi" (First Painter of the King) in 1765. Boucher was the favourite painter of the Marquise de Pompadour (1721-1764), mistress of King Louis XV, whose name became synonymous with Rococo art. Boucher was not only a painter, he also designed theatre costumes and sets and tapestry. His themes were also reproduced onto porcelain and biscuit-ware at the Vincennes and Sèvres factories.

Paper size: 8" x 10", $6.50

Cupid with Vase
cupid with vase

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (1591-1666). Italian painter whose frescoes made a profound impact on 17th-century Baroque decoration. His nickname Il Guercino (The Squinting One) was derived from a physical defect.

Paper size: 8" x 10", $6.50

Love comes in all shapes and sizes
love comes in all shapes
Valorie Tabor-Smith

Paper size: 8" x 10", NOW $8.50

Chest Panels
chest panel

Paper size: 15" x 17"; image size approximately: 13" x 13"
each panel $9.75

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