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it's bathtime!

Ragged Bear
ragged bear
Alan Marks

Ragged Bear is "old and worn, ragged and torn,'' but he is a forgiving soul.

Paper size: 9.5" x 11.75", NOW $5.00

The Bath
bath by mary cassatt
Mary Cassatt

Like her friend Degas, Cassatt concentrated on the human figure in her Impressionist works, particularly on sensitive yet unsentimental portrayals of women and children. The Child's Bath, with its striking and unorthodox composition, is one of Cassatt's masterworks. In it she employed unconventional devices such as cropped forms, bold patterns and outlines, and a flattened perspective, all of which derived from her study of Japanese woodblock prints. The lively patterns play off one another and serve to accentuate the nakedness of the child, whose vulnerable white legs are as straight as the lines of the woman's striped dress. The elevated vantage point permits the viewer to observe, but not participate in, this most intimate scene. Cassatt's composition thereby reinforces her subject: the tender absorption of a woman with a child.

Paper size 16" x 24.25" , Price, $15.50.

Bath Bliss
bath bliss
Helga Sermat

Paper size: 10" x 10", NOW $9.50

Elmer's Day
elmer's day

David McKee

Paper size: 11.75" x 9.75", $11.50

ME Cute
Mary Engelbreit

Matted print ready to fit in 8" x 10" frame, $9.50.
(frame not included)

Phillippe on Vacation
phillippe on vacation by hanne turk
Hanne Turk

Paper size: 16.5" x 23", $7.75

Bath Time
bath time sayings
Lori Lakey

It's that moment when nothing else matters
Pure Beauty comes from within

Print size: 8" x 10". Price: $5.50

Paul Peel
after bath
After the Bath

Paper size: 13" x17"

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