art of carolyn kinder

Carolyn Kinder began her journey through the world of art over two decades ago as a teacher of painting in her own community. Carolyn has led an illustrious career as a skilled artist and successful businesswoman. She is an award winning painter, frame designer and one of the most successful and innovative designers of home accessories.

Her wonderful prints draw on both Old World and Asian influences using contemporary media. Her originals are made using various printmaking techniques with subtle combinations of metallic inks, unusual finishes and embossing. The end result is a contemporary twist on classic imagery.

rolling surf

Rolling Surf

Paper size 24" x 36 ", $22.00.

basket of palms l

Basket of Palms I

Paper size: 24" x 30"

basket of palms ii

Basket of Palms II

Paper size: 24" x 30"