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storybook art
Marcus Pfister

Marcus Pfister was born in Berne, Switzerland, and began his career as a graphic artist in an advertising agency. In 1983, he decided to dedicate more time to artistic pursuits, and began to write and illustrate books. His best-known work is The Rainbow Fish, which has remained on bestseller lists across the United States since 1992.

Marcus does most of his illustrations for children's books in watercolors. For backgrounds and blended contours, he uses wet paint on wet paper to get a softer effect. For sharper details, he first lets the paper dry, then paints the final picture layer by layer.


rainbow fish

Rainbow Fish

Paper size: 16.5" x 23"
with foil stamping


rainbow fish to rescue

Rainbow Fish to the Rescue

Paper size: 16.5" x 23"
with foil stamping
Our price $11.50

Rainbow Fish Shares

Paper size: 16.5" x 23"
with foil stamping

NOW $9.50
AS IS: Print has slight folds in corner

rainbow fish

Rainbow Fish Swims

Paper size: 9.5" x11.5"; image size: 7" x 9"
with foil stamping

Rainbow Fish to the Rescue book

Rainbow Fish must choose between his newfound friends and a lonely little fish when a shark threatens the reef in The Rainbow Fish to the Rescue. Enhanced with glittering holographic foil stamping. Hardcover book
was $18.95
Our price $15.00

rainbow fish numbers

Rainbow Fish Numbers

Marcus Pfister
Paper size: 19.5" x 27.5"

pooh in the spring little polar bear & dad sign of seahorse really big fish animal cruise