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Gary Kelley

"Children's books enjoy success because adults like them as much as they think their kids will like them", says Gary Kelley, "I wish there were more picture books for adults. . . Maybe it's the generation, for better, or for worse, people don't read anymore. They watch television and movies, and need to see pictures more than they did. If ever there was a time for adult picture books, with all the visual imagery around, this is the time!"
Kelley's use of style, color and light create in this print a portrait of a young lady who does love books and has found a quiet and beautiful place to enjoy one of her favorites.

Summer Tale

Paper size: 15" x 20"
NOW $12.50

We've always loved Gary Kelley's art print Summer Tale. What a peaceful way to spend an afternoon . . . perched in an apple tree with a good book!
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