art of Christmas season


Santa is Here

Little Dormouse better wake up or he'll miss seeing Santa. Even if you aren't familiar with the story, this print of Santa surrounded by forest animals is charming. Eleonore Schmid's illustration of Santa with the forest animals is from the book Wake Up, Dormouse, Santa is Here.
Paper size: 16.5" x 23"
NOW $5.50

Little Donkey of Bethlehem

Despite the scorn of other animals, little donkey journeys to the star where he finds the newborn Christ Child. This illustration by Bernadette Watts is from the book Little Donkey of Bethlehem written by Gerda Scheidl.
Paper size: 23" x 16.5"
NOW $4.50

Can We Help You, Santa

St Nick oversleeps in this seasonal tale. . .And the animals come to his rescue. This holiday story features a folkoric St Nick who isn't dressed in the traditional red suit. Pierre Corderoc'h's illustration is from the book Can We Help You St Nicholas written by Gerda Scheidl.
Paper size: 16.5" x 23"
NOW $4.50