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In China and Southeast Asia, dragons are thought to bring good luck and prosperity. Chinese dragons of old were ferocious, bearded creatures that could be as small as a silk worm or as large as the sky. Asian dragons breathe out misty clouds, not fire. In winter, they sleep in pools and rivers, and even the sea. In the spring, the dragons fly up to the sky where their fighting causes summer rain. If they fight too hard, the rains are so heavy that there are floods.
baby dragon

Baby Dragon

Animate his arms and mouth and he'll light fires in your heart.
Puppet Stats:
12 " long; 8" wide; 11" tall.

RETIRED Hand puppet, $41.50.

green dragon

Green Dragon

Beautifully made: a not-to-miss puppet. Movable mouth; Wing pockets for extra movement
Puppet Stats:
13" Long, 9" Wide, 6" Tall.
RETIRED Hand Puppet, $43.50