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TestSmart for classroom and for home-school

TestSmart  TestSmart/Language Arts

Available for grades 3,4,5,6,7,8

Page count: 128
Features: practice in sentence structure, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and usage.
List price, $16.95.
NOW $5.00.

Available for grades 2, 6, 7

Page count: 128
Features: practice in word analysis, vocabulary, comprehension, and study skills.
List price, $16.95.
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TestSmart/Math Concepts
Available for grades 3,4,5

Page count: 128
These books address topics such as number concepts, mathematical relations, functions, and other algebraic concepts, geometric properties and relationships, measurement concepts, and probability and statistics
List price, $16.95.
NOW $5.00.

TestSmart/Math Operations & Problem Solving
Available for grade 5

Page count: 128
These books provide practice using the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, estimating solutions for problem situations, determining solution strategies, analyzing or solving problems, using mathematical representation, and evaluating reasonableness of solutions.
List price, $16.95.
NOW $5.00.

Advantage for classroom and for home-school

advantage reading  Advantage Reading for grade 2
Page count: 112
The wide range of activities in this series are shaped by current research in literacy instruction grounded in the Reading First initiative. Each of the five units in an activity book features phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. The K-2 books also feature phonemic awareness.
List price, $9.00
NOW $5.00.

advantage test 5

Advantage Test Prep for grade 5
Page count: 112
This book provides instruction
in the four key curriculum areas tested nationwide - reading, writing, language, and mathematics. Formats, reading passages, and questions are modeled after national standardized and proficiency tests. Grade books culminate with a practice test with a bubble answer sheet for a real test-like experience.
Practice skill pages include skill explanations, skill practice, "think about the answer" help, sample challenges, answer-selection strategies, and test-taking tips..
List price, $9.00.
NOW $5.00.

grammar test prep

Grammar Test Prep for middle school

Page count: 56
Provides students with valuable practice in preparation for standardized tests and covers word usage, parts of speech, spelling, capitalization, punctuation. List price, $11.95.
NOW $5.00.

Learning to Learn for classroom and for home-school

learning to learn  Learning to Learn

(2003 edition)
Page count: 288
Grade level: All
This excellent resource by Gloria Frender is dedicated to helping students of any age to maximize brain power and strengthen study skills. Includes procedures for improving test taking, memory skills, organizational skills, time management, problem solving, and more.
Incentive Publications. List price, $22.95.
NOW $4.75.

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