amusing art

  Kathryn Ramseur



Open edition.
That's the beach at Hilton Head in the moonlight. I've seen the dog at the right there, but I'm still searching for the rhino

Unmatted print size: 8.5" x 11"
Double matted and ready to slip into a 14" x 11" frame


Hand-signed & numbered edition of 925..
Kathryn used colored pencils and ink to create this wonderful group of animals sending us all a message

Print size: 12" x 25"; image size: 8" x 16"

Dear Alice

Hand-signed & numbered edition of 850.
The cow is over the moon - over the moon, but she's received the feminine version of a Dear John letter. Poor Alice.

Print size: 12" x 25"


Hand-signed and numbered limited edition of 880

The mighty steed springs toward the gods to carry their thunderbolts!
OOOPS - wrong steed - this benign character created by the artist is Pigasus - not Pegasus.

Paper size: 18" x 15"; image size: 14" x 10.5"

Necks of Kin

Hand-signed & numbered limited edition.
Recognize any of your "kin" jogging down the beach?

Print size: 25" x 16"