Lorena Pugh

proud pachyderm

Proud Pachyderm

Lorena Pugh's reputation was built on her witty portraits of animals.
Early on she signed much of her art "Steinhauser" as you can seen on several art prints.

Paper size: 18" x 20.5"

when pigs fly

When Pigs Fly

Paper size: 23" x 20"

animal gothic

Animal Gothic

Lorena Pugh's take off of the famous American Gothic portrait by Grant Wood is perhaps the most clever ever!

Paper size: 24" x 29"

100 square feet

100 Square Feet
Lorena Pugh

What an interesting interpretation of a basic math concept!
Each one of these bare square feet is unique!

square feet

Detail of some of the feet

Paper size: 22" x 28", $11.50

chloe cat red dog with apple goodnight two by two oink oink really big fish