baseball art


star pitcher
star pitcher
stevan dohanos

Norman Rockwell once described the privilege of painting for the Saturday Evening Post, "the greatest show window in America for an illustrator. If you did a Post cover, you had arrived." The proof of Stevan Dohanos success was that he painted over one-hundred and twenty-five Saturday Evening Post covers during the 1940's and 50's, illustrating scenes of American life like the one featured in the print Star Pitcher. Stevan Dohanos had a love for the common everyday things in life. Dohanos, along with Rockwell, came to represent the quintessence of American magazine illustrators. His images were generally slightly humorous, optimistic, manifesting the best of American ideals, and they were always familiar to the reader. Just look at the scene above - all the players ready for the big game - except for the Star Pitcher - who has to finish cutting the lawn first!

Paper size: 26.25" x 32", $25.00

pushing excellence
pushing excellence
brenda joysmith

Paper size: 24" x 18", $19.50

baseball mitt
baseball mitt
t r colletta

Paper size: 24" x 24"; image size: approximately 20" x 18" $19.50

fans shed light on the game
wrigley field
photography by scott mutter

ln the third year of a controversy over whether to install lights for night games at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Scott Mutter created this image of the fans lighting the baseball diamond with flashlights. It touched off a national sensation and became Mutter's most popular photomontage. Even though night games at Wrigley Field are no longer a novelty, the magic of this image endures.

Paper size 18" x 13", Price, $13.50.
one copy

play ball

lila rose kennedy

Paper size: 8" x 8", $9.50

puppy glove

will bullas

Paper size: 24 " x18", image size 17" x 11.5"