folk art


Warren Kimble

As "America's Best Known Living Folk Artist," Warren Kimble draws on more than 50 years of experience as a fine artist, teacher, collector, craftsman and antiques dealer to create a casual but sophisticated style of American Folk Art. His folk art features the animals, rural landscapes and buildings of Vermont. Warren says that his style is "reminiscent of something that surrounds a person every day…simplistic, yet abstract."

found barn

Round Barn

Paper size: 22" x 19.5"

school house

School House

Paper size: 11" x 24"

school days

School Days

Paper size: 7.5" x 22"

american as apple pie

American as Apple Pie

Paper size: 14" x 18"

kimble alphabet


Paper size 12" x 36", $12.50.

chimney santa

Chimney Santa

Paper size: 10" x 13"

cat on a box

Cat on a Box

Paper size: 10" x 13"

out to lunch

Out to Lunch

Paper size: 12" x 15", $20.00
one copy left

summer delight

Summer Delight

Paper size: 14" x 14", $11.50
one copy left

chloe the cat bill coleman e pluribus unum necks of kin pegasus two by two