art of maud lewis

One of Canada’s most beloved folk artists, Maud Lewis (1903 – 1970) painted delightful, childlike images of animals and outdoor scenes. Though she had a difficult life of illness and poverty, she enjoyed the creative process and took great pride in her work. Lewis's house and a group of her paintings form part of a permanent exhibition at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.
See her life story at the movies: Maudie (2017) starring Sally Hawkins

lmaud lewis skiers


Paper size: 21.5" x 19"
approximate image size: 17" x 14"


maud lewis schoolyard

the schoolyard

Paper size 20" x 19"; Paper size 20" x 19"; image size: 16" x 14"



snoopy rollerblading dean morrissey hart biplane choosin up soccer