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art of Tasha Tudor

Tasha Tudor (1915-2008), the noted illustrator and watercolorist, created and painted her first two books by the time she was 19. Tasha Tudor earned Caldecott Honor Awards, first for Mother Goose in 1944.
Her books (nearly 100 of them!) have appealed to a world-wide audience.
Biographical details and depictions of her family life appear throughout her books.
Tasha Tudor presents a nostalgic picture of 19th century New England farm life. Models for her characters often came from Tudor's renowned collection of 19th century costumes which now can be found in part at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.
The artist's fans appreciate her many intricate borders. Dolls, birds and corgi dogs are frequent motifs. Tudor also used authentic detail of flowers and antiques throughout her art.

tasha tudor art print

Rosemary for Remembrance

Look for a pair of Tasha's favorite Welsh corgis in this picture and that's a poem by Emily Dickinson in the box:
There is no Frigate like a Book to take us Lands away Nor any Coursers like a page Of prancing Poetry. . .
Paper size 18" x 24"; image size: 19" x 14.25"
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school days

School Days

Paper size: 11" x 9"

tudor-afternoon tea

Afternoon Tea

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tudor - holy night

Holy Night

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