art of ray hartl

Shakespeare Bookstore

Ray Hartl

Until the print is right in front of you, you can't see all the amusing details of this book-lover style bookstore.
The picture above the door is surrounded by the words:

Thou art alive still while thy booke doth live
And we have wits to read and praise to give

Those blackboard shutters on the left and right of the windows are covered with messages including an invitation to rest on the green bench in front of the store.

Paper size: 24" x 20"

art of jim warren

The Intellect

Jim Warren

Paper size 20" x 26.5", $25.00.

art of gary walton

The Library
la bibliotheque anglaise

Gary Walton

Paper size: 20" x 28"
NOW $15.00

art of carl spitzweg

The Bookworm

Carl Spitzweg

Paper size: 12.5" x 22"
NOW $10.50